My Stuff for {Grunge Soul Project} Round 4 _ Part 1


The Grunge Soul Project (GSP) is the place where you can find all body relative high quality items from skin to clothes for a low price, 75-100ls, in an Urban, Modern, Sexy or Grunge Styles for both genders. Each GSP session will last three weeks. Every new items will be exclusive for the GSP durring the session. That means you will can only find them here. Other no new items won’t be sell for a lower price than the regurlar price anywhere else.

Session 4 round 1 : August 13th to August 22th

Designer list :

Sorry Asia, Reila, Jesylilo, Iren, Yntz, annaA, Angel Hair, Salt and Pepper, Birdy, I love Fashion, Pepper, Sticky fingers, Stupid Things, Glue Ink, Acide, Rerty, Cool Poison, Balkanik, Buried, Ooh Shit, Katsucide, Cubeshpere, Suicidal Kiss, Bad Romance, Brith, Scrub, Cynful, Rotten Defiance, Reckless, Gentlman, Nikotin, Yulicie.

~ Taxi to {Grunge Soul Project} ~


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