Time for ZombiePopcorn Hunt 5 !!!

October 15th ~ 1PM SLT Official Start Time
October 29th ~ 8-10PM SLT Costume Contest @ Club Zero
October 31st ~ End day of Hunt

Start Location : HERE!!!

Hunt Group-Second Life:  ///app/group/16f2efb4-1d15-e3d2-d4ce-e50a6e52c2be/about    [ copy/paste in chat and click it ]

[Acide!], ++ANCAYI++, ::[annaA]:: Body Stuff, [AQ’s] face tatooos, [arnadi], .::Beauty Killer::., BeLoTe, [ bubble ], :: Caladesi island Co ::, :::C’est la vie!:::, C’est Moi!, CONCRETE FLOWERS, d. Select, -DAMNED-, Death Row Designs, .:: Delusions ::., Diesel Works, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, .:Ducknipple:., ::Duh!::, .:ellabella:., elly, -Epic-, {Fallen Doll}, Faster Pussycat, ___F I L T H Y___S K I N S___, [f] fucifino, — Gawk! —, [GLUE INK], :Hebenon Vial:, – .HoD. -, Holli Pocket, [ILAYA], Indigo Oddities, ::: insanya :::, Insufferable Dastard, [-iPoke-], ::::IrEn::::, Izzie’s, ::JAZUMI::, JeSyLiLO, -J.I.N.X-, [Katsuicide], KHUSH., Kis Kis, KMADD Enterprise, KOSH, {K}Rea, Lemons & Cream, LISP Bazaar, .:*LOULOU&CO*:., Love Zombie, Magnifique Poses, Metropark, MUDHONEY, *MUKA*, NATURAL BEAUTY, n-creation, >>> NEEDFUL THINGS <<<, [noctis], Nox., [NV], .::ODB::., -paper.doll-, ::Para Designs::, ~Pepper~, ~PiNkMaReS HoUsE~, PIN ME DOWN, Pumpkin, *PURPLE POSES*, ::Ragdoll’s cut::, .:[ RatzCatz ]:., =Razorblade Jacket=, Reckless, REPULSE, *Rezipsa Loc*, .roobix., :[ SAKIDE ]:, ~Sassy!~, .:. Seil Xpression .:., [SHUSH], ~SIGMA~, ‘ Skintimate ‘, Soap Co., Something Wicked, .Sweet Antidote., ::SWEET LEONARD::, TART, *TuttiFrutti*, ur.favorite.one, VC DESIGNS, .:villena:., [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], .: WEiRD.DESiGNS :., { what next }, .::YoPulga::. Creations, {Zeery} Color Couture, Zenith Fashion, Zigana, – ZombiePopcorn Brand –

My Hunt Item

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